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    15 April 2019

    Twitter user

    The team’s research on Iranian digital interference in the Arab world has been covered in the Washington Post, “Iran-linked Twitter accounts spread anti-Saudi sentiments in Arabic, report finds.”

    In an intensive study of the Arabic-language tweets the Oxford Internet Institute released on Wednesday, researchers determined that “the most widely shared websites included in Arabic tweets push an Iranian political narrative, including criticism of Saudi Arabia and support of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.”

    While researchers cannot definitively say who was behind the accounts, Mona Elswah, a researcher at Oxford who worked on the study, said they “would seem to be coming from the Iranian government because they fed the Iranian government narrative” …

    Elswah told The Washington Post she believes her research “is the first to prove that there is an Iranian interference in the Arab world that is taking place on Twitter.”

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