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    Charles Kriel

    Strategic Advisor

    Dr Charles Kriel is the co-Founder of Metrotone Media, a film and television production company based in London and Oslo. He is the co-Director of the documentary People You May Know (**** Guardian), which follows his breakthrough Cambridge Analytica investigation while serving as Special Advisor to the UK DCMS Select Committee on Disinformation and Fake News. Charles is also the Founder of Kriel.Agency, a strategic communications, research and policy agency with a portfolio that includes the Persian Gulf, Northern Asia, the Baltic, Balkans, Caucasus and Caribbean.

    A lifelong broadcaster and journalist, Charles works in conflict zones and fragile states promoting free press and countering disinformation and violent extremism. He’s a filmmaker, an Emmy-nominated game designer, ex-BBC Radio 1 Resident Artist and a novelist, and is currently shooting a documentary series on psychopathy.

    Charles has consulted NATO, UNESCO, the House of Commons, and the UK Electoral Commission among others, and recently designed a vast counter-disinformation programme commissioned by the US State Department, supporting 1,400 journalists and frontline workers in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Charles is the regular co-host of the disinformation podcast Infotagion, with Damian Collins MP.