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    Aliaksandr Herasimenka


    Dr Herasimenka is a political communication scholar and a postdoctoral researcher at the Computational Propaganda Project. His work investigates how political organisations and authoritarian governments use social media to manipulate public opinion. He is part of the Oxford Martin Programme on Misinformation, Science and Media, as well as the Alternative News Networks project.

    Dr Herasimenka’s research interests include political communication, computational methods, social movements and political disinformation on messaging platforms.
    Dr Herasimenka completed his doctorate at the Westminster School of Media and Communication, University of Westminster. His dissertation investigated how digital dissidents used social media platforms to organise and disseminate information. This work focused on anti-authoritarian movements in Belarus and Russia and discussed modern forms of political organising and leadership. The dissertation argues that successful anti-authoritarian movements are able to adapt to the challenges of surveillance, persecution and censorship by dispersing their organisational structures and using local and alternative platforms to disseminate messages.

    Before pursuing his doctorate, Dr Herasimenka received a Master of Arts in European Studies from Aarhus University (Denmark). He also holds degrees in Political Science and Computer Science. Dr Herasimenka worked as a journalist and an editor, as well as a media coordinator in an international NGO. He was a research associate at University of Westminster and taught at UCL, University of Portsmouth, University of Westminster and Middlesex University.

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