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    1 July 2017

    Megaphone spouting propaganda

    Our recent case study series was covered in Salon:

    The University of Oxford has released a series of studies called the “Computational Propaganda Research Project.” These document the extent to which social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being manipulated to promote political propaganda.

    “During the 2016 campaign, a bipartisan range of domestic and international political actors made use of political bots,” write project members Sam Woolley and Doug Guilbeault in their report on the United States. “The Republican Party, including both self-proclaimed members of the ‘alt-right’ and mainstream members, made particular use of these digital political tools throughout the election.”

    Woolley and Guilbeault also argued that bots influenced the 2016 presidential election by “‘manufacturing consensus,’ or giving the illusion of significant online popularity in order to build real political support” and making it easier for various sides of the political spectrum to use social media manipulation to further their cause.

    Read the full article in Salon.

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