The Internet and public policy: Future directions

18 June 2021



In January 2021, the editorial team of Policy & Internet changed from the Oxford Internet Institute to the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. This article invites all the past and current editors to contribute to the future directions and discussion of internet and public policy. It is collection of six contributions covering the trajectory of the internet policy research agenda, platform power in the digital economy, algorithms and the need for transparency, media diversity and platform regulation, speech in the age of content moderation and age-gating the internet. The collection of essays highlights the past 10 years of the journal and paints a clear trajectory for the next era of Policy & Internet.

Margetts, Helen, Vili Lehdonvirta, Sandra González-Bailón, Jonathon Hutchinson, Jonathan Bright, Vicki Nash, and David Sutcliffe.  2021. “The Internet and public policy: Future directions.” Policy & Internet 13, no 2 , 162-184.

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