OxTEC: Literature Review on Elections, Political Campaigning and Democracy

25 September 2019


Oxford Technology and Elections Commission (OxTEC) have released a literature review looking at how scholars have theorized the influence of digital technology on democracy. The report summarizes scholarly texts on a few key topics: political communication theory in a digital age, surveillance and privacy, algorithms and bias, the attention economy, and historical thought concerning information environments.

OxTEC was formed by an alliance of stakeholders, including ComProp, to “explore how democracies can integrate democratic norms and practices into the use of information technologies, social media, and big data during campaigns, with the goal of protecting the integrity of elections.”

Oxford Technology & Elections Commission written & researched by Alice Thwaite (2019). Literature Review on Elections, Political Campaigning and Democracy. (47 p.) Oxford, UK: Oxford Technology & Elections Commission. Retrieved from: https://oxtec.oii.ox.ac.uk/publication/litreview/

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