OxCAIGG: Four Principles for Integrating AI & Good Governance

28 July 2020

Four Principles

OxCAIGG’s first working paper, by Lisa-Maria Neudert and Philip Howard, sets out a framework for integrating AI with good governance. The thinkpiece highlights four principles for the use of AI in government and public service as a starting point for policy work and research. Drawing from these principles, over the next eighteen months OxCAIGG will develop actionable, evidence-based recommendations to enable governments and public administrations to harness the opportunities of AI.

Cite as: Written & researched by Lisa-Maria Neudert & Philip N. Howard (2020). Four Principles for Integrating AI & Good Governance. Working paper 2020.1 Oxford, UK: Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance. 15 pp.

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