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    10 December 2015

    Toy robots

    Sam Woolley coordinated a workshop on the implications of bots for public life, bringing together a community of scholars, activists, artists and policy thinkers.  The group debated the implications of bots for public life, and he curated a collection of Points/talking bots.  “What is the Value of a Bot?” is a series of essays from a  week-long workshop at Data & Society.  You can read more about the workshop, hosted in New York.  Or explore the output:

    How to Think About Bots by Samuel Woolley, danah boyd, Meredith Broussard, Madeleine Elish, Lainna Fader, Tim Hwang, Alexis Lloyd, Gilad Lotan, Luis Daniel Palacios, Allison Parrish, Gilad Rosner, Saiph Savage, and Samantha Shorey

    On Paying Attention: How to Think about Bots as Social Actors by Madeleine Elish

    Bots: A definition and some historical threads by Allison Parrish

    …an encyclopedia botannica…

    Rise of the Peñabots by Luis Daniel Palacios

    What is it like to be a bot? by Samantha Shorey

    A Brief Survey of Journalistic Twitter Bot Projects by Lainna Fader

    …a symbotsium…

    Activist Bots: Helpful But Missing Human Love? by Saiph Savage

    Our friends, the bots? by Alexis Lloyd

    What is the Value of a Bot? by danah boyd


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